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Are "flushable" wipes really flushable?

There will be two types of people that will read this blog:

1) Those who have experienced the myth of "flushable" wipes.

2) Those who will learn that "flushable" wipes is flushing down money.

I'm sure if you're reading this, you're reliving the moment you found out that "flushable" wipes aren't as advertised. You're remembering the day you were standing in the grocery aisle trying to figure out which scent or which brand you'd like to use. Thinking the days of using toilet paper are over!

Then we'll fast forward to the day your toilet stopped working and you're wondering "what happened?"

You call in a Plumber and you're asking them "what could be the problem?". They will notice that packet of "flushable" wipes sitting on top of the toilet tank and go *bingo*! At this point, you are standing there in disbelief, "how could this be?". The brand specifically outlines that these wipes are in fact "flushable". One of the largest myths of all, you are literally flushing hundreds of dollars down the drain.

"Hundreds of dollars?!" you ask? Think about it, let's say this happens on a work day and the Plumbing Company says they can only make it between the hours of '12pm-2pm'. There goes a full days pay for you. Then comes the Plumbing fees and charges. Most of the time the toilet must be disconnected to be able to fish out the bundle of "flushable" wipes that have solidified blocking the drain.

If using wipes is a game changer to you, as it is for many people, please dispose of them in the trash bin! The only material that should be going down that toilet is in fact, toilet paper.

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